how do you say<br>&#147;chronometer&#148; in saxony?<br>zeitmeister!
The WEMPE ZEITMEISTER watches were very popular with aficionados as early as the 1950s and ’60s. Now Wempe again presents a collection of these precision watches, which are as authentic as ever thanks to their high-quality watchmaking and timelessly classical design.

Wempe’s goal is to make fine wristwatch chronometers available to a larger circle of watch lovers with the new ZEITMEISTER edition – a more than plausible undertaking, as the cost-benefit ratio of these chronometers is as attractive as their exterior appearance. The WEMPE ZEITMEISTER GLASHÜTTE /SA line upholds the high standards implied in their name: They are painstakingly crafted and run as accurately as a mechanical wristwatch chronometer possibly can.

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