wempe zeitmeister glash&#252;tte #<br>pocket watch
People say time passes, but time actually reinvents itself anew from moment to moment.
In the timeless instant where the past, the present and the future coincide, the love for the art of mechanical timekeeping experiences a renaissance: in the formof a new chronometer-certified pocket watch with stop-seconds from the WEMPE ZEITMEISTER model family. It is available in good, old pocket watch tradition in Lépine style (without a cover andwith its crown at the top) or as a hunter (with a cover and the crown at the side). Like the entire collection, this model is also characterized by absolute precision, classic Wempe design, and an attractive price point.

Even in the twenty-first century, the gift of a moment of time is gladly taken to wind a watch by hand. The WEMPE ZEITMEISTER Glashütte /SA Pocket Watch returns the favour by giving its owner a full 46 hours of continual timekeeping, interrupted - or, rather, delightfully accompanied - by a quiet ticking recalling the glamour of a bygone epoch that simultaneously heralds the dawn of a bright new era of precise timekeeping: you have before you the first German chronometer-certified pocket watch from Glashütte.