stylishly awaken from slumber
After having taken off their wristwatches, people who prefer not to make do without the WEMPE ZEITMEISTER look can top their nightstand with an alarm clock that translates the aesthetics of the collection into a larger format.
The sturdy case is a proud 80 millimetres in diameter and available in either stainless steel or with gold plating. Superluminova coating on the hands assures that these indicators glow brightly throughout the night, thus clearly showing the time even in a darkened room. The German word "Sternwarte" (observatory) on the dial recalls Wempe's historically important basis in Glashütte.

Alarm timepieces are a comparatively recent invention in the world of watchmaking. The widespread advance of industrialisation in the mid 19th century compelled people in all walks of life and all social classes to work - and thus to awaken - at predetermined times. The shrill signal of an alarm has never been a beloved sound, so alarm clocks were often manufactured and designed with correspondingly little love.
The WEMPE ZEITMEISTER alarm clock changes all this. With its solidly built case and precise quartz movement, it is an eminently reliable device - and well worth the bestowal of one's first glance each morning.