spatially seen
Fourty centimetres in diameter, the WEMPE ZEITMEISTER wall clock is by far the largest product in the line, yet it fully belongs to illustrious timekeeping family.
Its dynamic aluminium case recalls the bezels of this line's wristwatch models. Applied hour markers and a seconds subdial allude to the large, hand-wound chronometer model.

A special feature of this wall clock is its seconds-hand: although powered by a quartz movement, this indicator does not leap forward in single-second increments, but glides smoothly across the dial. This fluent motion not only makes the wall clock seem like a larger version of the mechanical WEMPE ZEITMEISTER wristwatches, it also avoids the annoying phenomenon of "chronostasis," i.e. the illusion that a timepiece has stopped running when one glances fleetingly at its dial.
The WEMPE ZEITMEISTER wall clock is available with either a pale or dark dial. Irregardless of the version, this is clearly a most substantial wall clock.