wempe zeitmeister glash&#252;tte #<br>manchette
The graceful calligraphy of the Roman numerals on the mother of pearl dial reveals its affinity with the jewellery collections of the BY KIM brand. This font was originally created for the BY KIM rings bearing the message "tempus fugit amor manet" - "time passes, love remains". It has now been adjusted to fit the proportions of the Wempe Zeitmeister Manchette watches. The collection owes its name to the technical refinement with which the watch case has been integrated into the armband.

The slimmed-down rectangular shape of the case increases wearing comfort, and its slight curve guarantees a pleasant feel on the wrist. But the external characteristics of these watches are not their only impressive features -their inner workings are equally fascinating. Like all Wempe Glashütte /SA timepieces, Wempe Zeitmeister Manchette watches are also subject to stringent chronometer testing in line with the German DIN norm.

There are numerous models in both formats, in stainless steel or with 20-micron gilding in a warm 3N tone.