a typical glash&#252;tte watch.<br>but completely different.
When we decided to establish our own production site for chronometers, we wanted to create something that had never existed before, not even in Glashütte: The manufacture of mechanical wristwatch chronometers to be tested for precision by the highest authorities and in accordance with the German chronometer norm. And we wanted these watches to be outfitted with our own manufacture movements. But that was not all: We wanted the design of the timepiece to show that this was a very special item. So we fashioned a completely new movement in a very uncommon shape with a corresponding case that includes many other details to please both a connoisseur’s eye and emphasize this watch’s Saxon origins.

In close cooperation with the Nomos watch manufacture in Glashütte, we were able to realize our plans, resulting in the WEMPE CHRONOMETERWERKE GLASHÜTTE /SA series. This is a line of manually wound wristwatch chronometers that are quite extraordinary in appearance, even at first glance. Let them inspire you!